Reminder: Lock your vehicles and secure your valuables

DeLand PD is reminding residents to lock your vehicles and store your firearms inside your homes.

Since December 1, a total of 20 firearms have been stolen from vehicles. In one case, a suppressor was stolen.

In all but two of the cases, the vehicles were unlocked.

Police Chief Jason Umberger said people should be in a routine every day of locking their vehicles.

“Whether it’s your firearms or valuables, it only takes a few minutes to secure your belongings and lock your vehicle to ensure you won’t be the latest victim of a car burglary,” Umberger said.

Vehicles are not a safe place to secure firearms regardless of whether your car doors are locked or not. Guns should be locked in a gun locker inside your home or at the very least inside a gun safe in the trunk of your vehicle if it needs to be stored in your vehicle. 

Remember if your car is stolen, your firearm goes with it even if it’s secured inside.

Incident alert