City of DeLand Mission Statement

Mission Statement

DeLand will remain a city whose diverse citizens demonstrate a strong sense of community.  The City will remain dedicated to preserving and enhancing those assets which make DeLand distinctive.  We, as citizens of DeLand, will continue to strive to maintain DeLand’s heritage as the “Athens of Florida.”  


Description of Responsibilities
The government as set forth in the City Charter is a “commission-manager” government.  The City Commission is comprised of five Commissioners, one of who is elected as the Mayor-Commissioner, all are elected from the City at large.  
  • The Mayor-Commissioner presides over meetings of the Commission and serves as the ceremonial head of the government.  
  • The City Commission determines policy in the areas of economic development, planning, traffic, law and order, fire prevention and suppression, public works, parts, recreation, finance, utilities, and airport operations.
  • The City Commission appoints and removes the City Manager, City Attorney and City Clerk.
  • The City Commission adopts a budget, levies taxes, collects revenues and makes appropriations and authorizes the issuance of bonds.  
  • The City Commission determines policy by adopting ordinances and resolutions, appropriating moneys, and exercising other essential legislative duties.