Officer Creed


I am a Police Officer and proud member of the DeLand Police Department.

I believe there is no higher calling than to Serve and Protect my fellow citizens.

I believe in the basic ideals of our Constitution.

I am a Guardian of the rights that guarantee our freedoms and our American way of life.

I am always ready to help individuals retain or regain their dignity.

I will assist my commanders and obey all lawful orders while maintaining law and order.

At the same time, I am humble because I know that I am a servant of my country and my fellow citizens.

To perform my duties properly, my honesty, integrity, and courage must be balanced by competence, alertness, and courtesy.

I know I am constantly in the public eye and my behavior sets the standard of excellence for my profession.

To my Police Department and my Commanders, I pledge sustained, just and honorable service.

To my Country, my State, and my fellow citizens, I pledge the skills of my training, my physical ability, my mental initiative, and my moral courage, for I am a Police Officer representing a time honored profession.