Core Values

  • Duty: To serve, to place others needs above our own, to do our noble best while keeping our consciences clear.
  • HonorTo demonstrate respect for others in word and deed, to deny self and promote the finest sense of justice possible for others.
  • Courage: Overcoming fear; firmness of mind and willpower in the face of danger or extreme difficulty. When necessary to preserve life we will lay down our lives to protect the lives of others.
  • Integrity: The firm adherence to a code of moral values, incorruptibility, and completeness. We will not sacrifice principles for expediency. We will keep our word; our actions will match our stated beliefs; we will be authentic and therefore trustworthy.
  • Caring: To be sensitive to the needs of others and demonstrate compassion for all people. We are always ready to help community members retain or regain their dignity.
  • Respect: We consider human beings worthy of high regard and are committed to equal treatment under the law for all people. We honor life and are committed to the preservation of life as we carry out our sworn duty under the law.
  • Loyalty: Submission to legitimate authority; being accountable for our personal conduct, the conduct of our fellow officers and/or our subordinates conduct; proactively supporting the organization and its goals.