Community Advisory Council

Police-Community Advisory Council

The purpose of the Police-Community Advisory Council is threefold:

1) To improve community relations between police and the community

2) To provide community members, whose concerns and ideas normally are not heard by police, with a way to be heard.

3) To help police officials know residents’ perspectives on (new or long-standing) problems and solutions in order to avoid or resolve community tension.

Advisory Council Responsibilities are:

1) Inform the Police representatives of community problems;

2) Propose solutions to community problems that the Police may not have considered.

3) Provide educational outreach to the community on police-community relations

4) Foster a spirit of cooperation between Police and the Community

The Council is not a political action group but rather is a group of individual citizens who were carefully selected from the community. They are eager to serve their fellow citizens and the police to strengthen police community relations. Members of the Community may E-Mail their concerns and questions to the Advisory Council at