Commercial Crime Prevention

Shoplifting - Store personnel are instructed in prevention techniques. Management is introduced to methods for controlling shoplifting and internal pilferage.

Robbery - Prevention and survival are taught in institutions that are particularly susceptible to armed robbery.

Commercial Business Survey - This program presents crime prevention techniques that can reduce the opportunity for Business burglary and other incidents that could impact a business.

Office Security / Personal Safety - This program educates employees about con games or other crimes usually perpetrated in offices. The importance of personal habits as they relate to crime prevention are also discussed.

Drug Abuse & Prevention

Adults: The program teaches how to recognize drugs, the dangers of drug abuse, as well as intervention strategies. The program is tailored to the audience.

Youth: Programs stressing the physiological and psychological damage caused by illicit drugs are presented to schools or community groups.

DARE: This popular 10 week program is conducted at all DeLand Elementary schools, public and private. Geared for the 5th grade level student, the curriculum covers topics of personal choice, self esteem, self awareness and general information about drug use.

Fraud & Con Games

Usually presented to senior citizens, this program highlights a variety of confidence games and suggests constructive reactions and practical tips to avoid becoming a victim . This program also includes internet con games, aimed at adult users.

Identification Theft

This is the fastest growing crime in America .  This program explains the consequences of becoming a victim and how your personal information can be used when obtained illegally.  We provide valuable tips on preventive actions and what you should do if you become a victim of identification theft.

Telemarketing Fraud

This program provides examples of popular telemarketing fraud techniques and gives advice on what to watch for when you receive calls requesting your money.

Holiday / Vacation Crime Prevention

Holidays present some unique crime prevention challenges. Tips include home security, personal safety and vacation awareness.

Juvenile Safety and Crime Prevention

For Youth - A variety of program areas such as personal safety, bicycle safety, community involvement, drug abuse, gang resistance, and shoplifting prevention are available. Discussions about responsible decision-making and conflict resolution are geared to the age of the audience.

For Parents - What the children are taught is shared with parents. Crime prevention techniques that parents can teach their children are presented.

Child Fingerprinting - A service provided by the police department in connection with civic events or by request. Children are electronically fingerprinted, photographed, and a description of the child is recorded. The information is given to the parent or guardian for safe keeping.

Residential Security

Home Security - This program presents crime prevention techniques that can reduce the opportunity for home burglary. It includes a discussion on locks, lighting and Operation Identification.

Security Inspections - On-site inspections check internal and external security measures. Suggestions for enhancing security are made when applicable.

Senior Citizen Safety

A broad spectrum of crime prevention information is covered including, personal and property protection geared to the special needs of older people. The program raises awareness and helps to eliminate misplaced fear. Seniors are also included in all other adult crime prevention programs.

What To Do If You're Stopped By The Police

This program provides recipients with a basic working knowledge of some of the reasons a police officer may stop or contact them as well as appropriate actions, responses, and expectations during an encounter with a law enforcement officer.

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