Police Chief video statement on death of George Floyd and planned protests in DeLand

Police Chief Jason Umberger address on death of George Floyd and protests planned in DeLand

Transcript of statement

Good morning

Like many of you this past week I have watched as citizens across this country react to the death of George Floyd and are now speaking out against discrimination and injustice. It is clear that our nation is hurting, it is broken and it has been for some time.

On behalf of the DeLand Police Department, I want to extend my condolences to the family of George Floyd. We join the rest of the country and our law enforcement community in praying that justice will be done in this case.

The death of George Floyd speaks to a much more complex issue within the fabric of our society, one that we need to solve together by holding ourselves accountable for our actions.

The protests around the country have shown that there are many bridges that need to be mended within our towns and cities across this country. We need to remember that we are all Americans, we are all human and the color of one’s skin should not be a reason for any person to be treated differently.

This is a time where we need to show love for our neighbors; put aside our differences; create a better world and unite in our common humanity.

Over the past several years the DeLand Police Department has been working to improve relations between the police department and the people of DeLand. Ultimately, it will require building trust, caring and understanding to heal the open wounds that exist within our society and the community. The DeLand Police Department is committed to that goal.

Finally, we acknowledge and respect the fact that many citizens wish to make their voices heard and that everyone has the right to peacefully assemble and exercise their freedom of speech as Many are planning to do that today. Myself and the DeLand Police Department will support and uphold these rights.

I also want to remind everyone that we are still in the middle of a pandemic, so please keep that in mind if you plan to protest and make sure you protect your health. The DeLand Police Department with the support of the Volusia’s Sheriff’s Office will also be ready to maintain order should anyone come to our city with ill-conceived intentions.

Ultimately, we ask that civility, cooperation and peaceful behavior be the mark of our community and be the spark that starts the process of healing across our city, county, state and country.

Thank you.