Phishing Scam Alert from Community Engagement Unit - DPD

An example of a Phishing scam, received by Officer Hancock in the Community Engagement Unit this afternoon.

Greetings my friend.
My name is Mrs Kate Bomal, I am a widow who has had breast cancer for a long time. My doctor recently told me that I cannot get rid of this disease because my level of cancer has reached a critical stage. I have some funds that I inherited from my late husband. I want to know if I can entrust these funds to you to use and set up a charity. I want you to use this donation to provide educational opportunities to poor children in rural areas and areas where your hand can touch it. You can support churches, widows and I am willing to compensate you for this humanitarian effort.
Best wishes,
Mrs Kate Bomal

Note the e-mail was unsolicited and promises financial compensation. It lacks any contact information and is a blind e-mail.

Advise: do not respond due to the possibility of a trojan or malware program. Block this person and hit delete.