"Handle with Care" Registry Launch

The DeLand Police Department has launched a new feature on our website for citizens to register individuals with special needs with our department. Law enforcement and other first responders frequently have contact with residents who have communication, cognitive and physical needs that make providing services to them more difficult. Emergencies often create high anxiety, excitement, and physical demands thus exacerbating these pre-existing conditions. To proactively address these needs, the DeLand Police Department has embarked on an initiative to better assist our residents with special needs. The “Handle with Care” Registry will help DeLand Police Department officers know who may need extra help or assistance during emergencies. The goal of the Handle with Care Registry is to identify people who may: 

•             Have speech, developmental, or mental health disabilities

•             Be blind, deaf, hard of hearing, or have trouble seeing

•             Use life support systems, like oxygen, a respirator, a ventilator, dialysis, a pacemaker, or are insulin dependent

•             Have trouble walking, moving around, or have a prosthesis

•             Use service animals

Knowing an individual’s special needs (including triggers, stimulants, and de-escalation techniques) greatly assists our officers in safely handling an encounter if a loved one becomes lost or otherwise comes in contact with us.

Residents are invited to proactively provide information about any loved one with special needs, regardless of age, who may require special assistance in an emergency or interaction with DeLand Police Officers. None of the fields on the form are mandatory and the information you choose to disclose is completely voluntary. A photo of the individual can also be uploaded.

The information collected for the registry will NOT be available to the public.  It is strictly going to be used by public safety entities to get you the assistance you might need in an emergency. Please follow these steps to register.

1.            Click on the FORMS tab

2.            Click on Handle with Care Registry

3.            Complete the registry form and click SUBMIT.