"Drive Safely" Reminder from the Deland Police Department

Driving Safe is everyone's job! Over the last several days, the DeLand Police Department has responded to several serious vehicle crashes. Here are a few safety reminders: 

  • Always pay attention and be alert when driving. In as much as some things may be unexpected and beyond your control, you still can better the odds of avoiding an incident if you are alert when behind the wheel.
  • Your primary effort to avoid such incidents when on the roads should involve you adhering to traffic laws. Negligent driving is perhaps the leading cause of most vehicle  accidents. Things such as speeding and failure to consider prevailing conditions increase the probability of road accidents.
  • Never Use your Cell phone wile driving your vehicle. In recent studies, the use of a cell phone while driving has been compared to the same as drunk driving, 
  • Never drive when you are tired or under the influence of substances. 

Drive Safe - Drive like your life Depends on it!