DeLand Police to participate in national use-of-force data collection project

(DeLand, FL) - The DeLand Police Department will begin participating in the Federal Bureau of Investigation's national use-of-force data collection project.

The National Use-of-Force Data Collection project coordinated by the FBI went live in January 2019 to collect accurate nationwide data associated with police use of force encounters that result in the death of a citizen or the firing of a weapon. Currently, only 32 agencies out of the 375 law enforcement agencies in Florida are submitting data. This data will provide an accurate picture of the frequency of the use of deadly force across our country.

DeLand Police conducted a recent audit of police interactions in 2019 and found the following:

- Officers interacted with citizens 85,674 times.

- Of those contacts, 1,593 resulted in arrest.

- Of all contacts, 21 or .02 percent resulted in response to resistance (use of force such as take downs, defensive strikes etc.); 1.3 percent of all arrests resulted in a response to resistance.

- Zero contacts resulted in officers or suspects firing weapons.

Under DeLand PD's policy, all use of force incidents are required to be documented in a response to resistance report.

More information regarding this initiative can be found at the following link: