Suspicious Incident



The DeLand Police Department has received several reports of a black passenger vehicle following children to and from local schools in recent days. We are aware of at least one incident where a male driving a black passenger vehicle stopped and asked a juvenile to approach his vehicle. The child was able to run to a local residence where they were able to make contact with an adult bystander who stood by until officers arrived. The driver fled before units arrived. DeLand Police Department Criminal Investigations Unit is working diligently on this case. If you would like to report something related to this case, please contact us at 386-626-7400 or call 911 if it is an emergency.

Please remind your children to be cautious when walking or biking to and from school. Useful tips to remind your child when discussing this topic:

  • Travel with a friend, or better yet, a group if possible.
  • If a stranger offers you a ride somewhere, say no, and run away to a safe location or adult.
  • If someone follows you on foot, get away as quickly as you can. Go to someone's house you know, or run to other people.
  • If someone is following you in a car, turn around and go in the opposite direction or take a path where a car would not go, but remain in a public area where you can be seen and helped.
Wednesday, January 12, 2022 - 2:15pm