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Law Enforcement received a call about a subject laying on the sidewalk near a busy road that was possibly hit by a car. After officer arrival, subject jumped up and started yelling and arguing with him. During that time the property manager arrived and asked that he be trespassed. After the...
While Detectives were on patrol, they saw a subject standing under a carport. This subject met the description of a persons information that was given out that had outstanding warrants. After warrants were confirmed, officers attempted to make contact with him. By the time officers arrived back at...
On 03/03/2017 the defendant was issued a trespass warning from Wal-Mart. On 11/02/2017 Officers recognized the defendant returning to Wal-Mart. The defendant was then arrested.
On 11/02/2017 Officers responded to Wal-Mart for a possible shoplifting call. Upon arrival a records check showed the defendant was issued a trespass warning on 03/11/2017. The defendant was arrested due to returning to the business.


The defendant got into an argument with his girlfriend which then turned physical. The subject was arrested.


The defendant entered the premises after having been previously issued a Trespass Warning. He was arrested.
The subject created a disturbance at Checkers. Subject was intoxicated and assaulted another female.
During a search incident to arrest (DL170006868 refers) the subject was found to be in possession of crack cocaine.
A consensual encounter led the subject to be determined to have an active Volusia County Warrant