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On April 19, 2018 Judge Blackburn issued an arrest warrant (2018-190459) for Sheila Rainey for the crimes of Burglary of a Conveyance and Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card. The bond is $15,000.
While conducting a Walk and Talk at Wal-Mart the defendant was observed on the property. The defendants name was verified through the Trespass Warning system , and it was confirmed that he had been Trespassed from the property on 2/18/2018. He was subsequently arrested.


Officers were dispatched to a suspicious vehicle. Once on scene, they observed a female that appeared to be asleep behind the steering wheel. After she exited the vehicle, officers was able to smell what appeared to be some type of alcoholic beverage. At that time a field sobriety test was...


photo of Nicole Cook
Female acting suspicious and had a syringe in her possession. When officer approached, she refused to put down the syringe and squirted the the contents into her mouth. Upon investigating she was trying to use a narcotic before officer arrival.
While Stetson security was on patrol, he witnessed a couple riding around on bicycles. A few minutes later the same subjects were seen on different bikes. When confronted by law enforcement officers it was discovered that they had cut the locks and stolen the bicycles. Once under arrest, during the...
During a radar event, vehicle was clocked for going 10 mph over the posted speed limit. Upon license check it was discovered that the driver was a habitual offender for driving on a suspended/revoked/canceled license, therefore she was arrested.
Arrested for violating a previous trespass warning order.