Thanksgiving Safety Reminders

Happy Thanksgiving Week from your DeLand Police Department. It is a special time of being with family and friends and reflecting on the positive things in your life. It wouldn’t be a holiday without some reminders on how to keep you and your loved ones safe. Many people choose to travel during the holidays by automobile, with driving being the highest fatality rate of any major form of transportation. Here are some safe driving tips:

  • Use a designated driver to ensure guests make it home safely after a holiday party.
  • Alcohol and over-the-counter or illegal drugs all cause impairment.
  • Alcohol-impaired fatalities represent about one-third of the fatality totals.
  • Make sure every person in the vehicle is properly buckled up no matter how long or short the distance traveled.  
  • Put that cell phone away many distractions can occur while driving but cell phones are the main culprit.
  • Properly maintain the vehicle, be prepared for heavy traffic