Police confirm identity of men found on city property


On Tuesday afternoon, DeLand Police officers were able to confirm the identities of the two men seen on city property earlier this week. Our officers met with and talked to the two individuals.

There were no criminal violations as a result of this matter and we consider it closed.

Again, we’d like to reiterate that if anyone sees something suspicious, say something. The safety of the public and the city's employees is our utmost concern.

We’d like to thank our residents for their vigilance.

Original Post:

(DeLand, FL) - Shortly before 1 p.m. Monday two men came into City Hall, 120 South Florida Avenue, were taking photographs and appeared to be scoping out the building's security cameras. When approached by one staff member they identified themselves as "independent" and later said they were "independent journalists." 

They visited all three floors of City Hall in a matter of minutes and then left the building.

Prior to coming to City Hall, the men also went into the Police Department's front lobby and seemed to be inspecting the security cameras there as well. 

After leaving City Hall the men headed in the direction of the historic Volusia County Courthouse. The Supervisor of Elections Office confirmed this morning the men were inside their building too and had similar interactions with staff. 

Out of an abundance of caution, the police department would like to identify these individuals and talk to them.

We would also like to use this opportunity to remind residents if you see something, say something. Do not be afraid to call 9-1-1 if you believe the situation could be a potential emergency.