Officer Jason Floryance awarded Medal of Valor

DeLand Police Officer Jason Floryance on Monday night was awarded the Medal of Valor by the DeLand Police Department and Volusia County Sheriff’s Office for his response to a March 2017 incident in which an armed suspect crashed into a citizen’s vehicle and also aimed his firearm at law enforcement.  

On March 19, 2017 Officer Floryance responded to a shots fired call at a law office in North DeLand where the suspect had fired multiple shots.  Upon arrival Officer Floryance deployed his tire deflation device at the parking lots only entrance and exit point. Officer Floryance then traveled on foot around the building in an attempt to locate a secondary approach. Officer Floryance transitioned to the north side of the building and moments later the suspect entered his vehicle fleeing the scene. Officer Floryance ran back to his vehicle in an attempt to apprehend the suspect who fled the area at a high rate of speed.

DeLand Police Department Officers, as well as the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office Deputies were able to deploy tire deflation devices, however the suspect continued to flee. Moments later the suspect's vehicle collided with a second vehicle that sustained significant damage rendering it inoperable. Multiple airbags deployed in the victim’s vehicle and gas from the airbags was observed seeping from the windows. The victims of the collision were injured and unable to exit their vehicle for safety.

Officer Floryance arrived on scene positioning his marked patrol vehicle as an element of cover for law enforcement and the victims by placing his marked patrol vehicle directly between the suspect and victims of the collision. Numerous law enforcement officers arrived on scene and attempted deescalating the incident. During this time Officer Floryance communicated with the victims, and attempted to provide any medical aid he could despite being within the immediate firing range of the suspect.

Seconds later the suspect was observed tossing a small pistol type firearm out the passenger side window of his vehicle. The suspect then retrieved a second pistol type firearm with magazine which he then raised in the air and loaded. Officer Floryance observed these actions and relayed them via radio to other units on scene while staying with the victims of the collision.

The suspect failed to comply with multiple commands by law enforcement to put the gun down and ultimately raised his weapon at Officer Floryance. Officer Floryance and Volusia County Sheriff’s Deputies were forced to discharge their weapons at the suspect in the interest of the safety of the victims of the crash, their own safety and the citizens of DeLand.

Officer Floryance displayed exemplary bravery, selflessly placing himself in harm's way and provided protection and safety for the victims involved. Officer Floryance's actions epitomize bravery and selfless dedication to his duty and to the citizens of DeLand.