New Year's Eve safety tips

We want our residents to have fun as they celebrate the New Year. Here are some ways to welcome it safely with these tips:

Plan a ride in advance

On average, driving accidents rise during the holidays, so it's crucial to have a safe ride on a night when so many people are out and about. Don't assume you'll be able to hail a cab. Know your options in advance and decide whether you'll take public transportation, use a service Uber or carpool with your friends.

Don't leave your car overnight

New Year's Day is the second most active holiday for car thefts. If you must leave your car somewhere overnight, be sure it's locked and try to pick it up as early as possible the next day.

Plan for guests' safety

If you're hosting a party, you'll want to be sure your guests get home safely. One option might be to hire a driver for the evening to provide people a way to get home.

Don't use fireworks or firearms

Both guns and fireworks frequently make "celebratory" appearances at New Year's Eve parties. Shooting off fireworks is illegal in the state of Florida and discharging a firearm could jeopardize the safety of others.

Make a plan with your kids

Set a reasonable curfew with your kids for their New Year's Eve festivities. If they're old enough to drive, be sure they understand the dangers of driving on the holiday. Encourage them to stay in one location instead of hopping from party to party.