DeLand Police educate drivers on "No turns on New York"

(DeLand, FL) - You know you're a DeLand resident if you've honked your horn at someone who turns at the intersection of Woodland Boulevard and New York Avenue.

On Wednesday, drivers who turned at the intersection were greeted by our officers from the motors unit as part of an educational campaign. In a span of about two hours, officers issued 26 written warnings, four citations, caught a theft suspect and answered a suspicious person call in the downtown district.

No turning at the intersection dates back to 1966 when the City of DeLand banned left turns from Woodland Boulevard onto New York. All turns were banned at the intersection beginning in 1971.

Turning at the intersection can cause multiple problems such as traffic backups and unsuspecting pedestrians could be put into harms way.

Tickets for turning at the intersection can lead to a fine of up to $166.