DeLand PD receives Personal Protection Equipment kits from Aftermath

(DeLand, FL) - When police officers respond to a crime scene they can often be exposed to harmful substances such as controlled substances or even something like blood.

Now with the help of Aftermath, an organization that specializes in trauma cleaning and biohazard removal, DeLand Police Department is equipped with Personal Protection Equipment kits that can be used by officers out in the field. The company on Wednesday delivered 50 kits to be used by officers. The kits include a full body suit, respiratory mask, booties, arm sleeves, three pairs of gloves, safety goggles and a biohazard bag.

The police department was awarded the kits through a contest run by Aftermath. Each kit would otherwise retail for about $25.

Five departments including DeLand PD were outfitted with up to 50 kits while another 100 individual officers and first responders were individually outfitted with kits.

Rodney Tower, Senior Manager, Law Enforcement Relations, explains to reporters the importance of Personal Protection Equipment kits. 

Rodney Tower displays the contents the kits. Also pictured, Chief Jason Umberger, left and Officer Roger Spires.


The Police Department received 50 Personal Protection Equipment kits. Pictured from left are Police Chief Jason Umberger, Sgt. Brian Kearney, Officer Roger Spires, Corporal Richard Cody and Rodney Tower of Aftermath.