All in a days work

When officers finished a call at a local service station they were contacted by a citizen requesting an ambulance for her mother, who was waiting in a nearby vehicle. When officers went to assist, they discovered 2 young children in the backseat. The officers immediately started talking with the boys. Officer Erndl removed one of the boys from his seat, allowing the front seat to be leaned back. Officer Erndl took Ares to his patrol car to check things out. While Ares was playing and having fun, Lewis kept trying to see what his brother was doing. That’s when Officer Lizabet asked permission to take Lewis out so that he could play too. Both boys had a blast and even got to meet K9 Daro.

The actions of Officer Erndl and Officer Lizabet are upholding with our core value of Caring, something the DeLand Police Department strives to achieve every day.