How does the City of DeLand enforce parking?

Parking Enforcement

Information Sheet

Parking Enforcement is about helping prevent parking issues and to ensure the efficient flow of traffic upon the city streets and within the parking lots of the City of DeLand.  Typical parking citation fines are as follows:


Time violations

Not parked within the parking space (Tire slightly over line)

Parking in a reserved space


Taking up two or more spaces,

Loading zones,

Yellow curbs, 

Parking in a non-designated space.

It is important to remember that a $9.00 and an $18.00 citation go up to $30.00 after 14 days if not paid.

There are 12 City parking lots within the downtown area of DeLand: lot 7, 8, and the back half of lot 1 are all day parking and lot 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, and the front half of lot 1 are timed lots, see attached map for lot areas. Including the lots and the streets, there are just over 700 parking spaces in Downtown DeLand. Although it can be an inconvenience, parking limitations are necessary to allow more visitors to enjoy the downtown area.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Why does the parking enforcement officer mark the tires with chalk?  This is done to determine how long a vehicle has been parked in a particular space.  This also indicates whether or not the vehicle has been moved.  A fine can be imposed for removing or backing over a chalk mark.

2.  What is “The Boot” and when is it used? The boot is a device that is attached to the tire of a vehicle in order to immobilize it. To make the “Boot List,” a person has 4 unpaid citations and has failed to respond to multiple letters warning them of the delinquent citations.  Lastly they are also sent a letter letting them know they are being added to the “Boot List.”

3.  How can I pay a parking ticket?  Parking Tickets can be paid by mail in the yellow envelopes that they come in.  They can also be placed in the “Drop Box” that is stationed in the back parking lot of City Hall.

Parking tickets can also be paid in person at DeLand City Hall located at 120 South Florida Av. or the DeLand Police Department located at 219 West Howry Av.

Parking tickets may be contested within the first fourteen days of being issued.  To contest a ticket you must come to the DeLand Police Department front lobby and ask for a “Court Request”.  This form must be completed and you also need the original parking ticket with you.  The completed form and parking ticket is submitted to the Record’s Clerk who will forward to the Clerk of Court.  The Office of the Volusia County Clerk of Court will then contact you with a date and time for your Court hearing.

In closing, do not ignore a citation and do your part to help ensure the efficient flow of traffic and people.  This will allow our great city to continue to have an active downtown.  If I can be of any assistance please call me at (386) 626-7444. 

Sergeant Michael Quinn,

Parking Enforcement Supervisor