West Volusia Police Athletic League

West Volusia Police Athletic League

The mission of West Volusia PAL in partnership with the DeLand Police Department is to provide quality athletic and educational activities for at-risk children in the greater DeLand area at low or no cost to the participant.

The West Volusia Police Athletic League began in October of 1991 as a successful partnership with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, the DeLand Police Department, and the community. With strong leadership from its Board of Directors it has grown steadily each year. In June 2017, WVPAL discontinued its partnership with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office and the DeLand Police Department became the sole sponsoring law enforcement agency affiliated with WVPAL. WVPAL currently operates at the refurbished Jackson Gym located at 422 South Delaware Avenue in DeLand. The building was dedicated on November 28, 1995. The structure had been closed to the public for more than 26 years. Through the cooperation of the Volusia County School Board and funding provided by a Community Development Block Grant, as well as generous business and private donations, the Nathaniel E. Jackson Gymnasium stands as a tribute to a community willing to invest in its children.

Mission Statement – “Training for Life”

PAL is based on the firm belief that youth sports programs help instill positive social and moral values as well as discipline, and contribute significantly to the reduction of juvenile delinquency. If young people are reached early enough in their journey through life, they can develop a strong, positive attitude toward law enforcement and achieve their goals of adulthood and good citizenship.

Vision Statement: The Vision of West Volusia PAL is to provide a positive influence on the youth in the greater DeLand area and West Volusia County.

Objectives and Goals: The Goals at West Volusia PAL are to provide our participants with a safe place to come and play, learn, and develop so that they reach their potential. WVPAL focuses specifically on Academic Achievement, Leadership Achievement, Physical fitness, Broadening Horizons and Reducing Crime.

Currently, WVPAL serves approximately 400 youth in the greater DeLand area of West Volusia by supporting both directly and indirectly a myriad of youth athletic and academic programs. With the recently signed memorandum of understanding and partnership between the DeLand Police Department and WVPAL our goal is to increase the number of youth programs offered and to reach even more youth.